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Macintosh computers and the various operating systems that run on them are the base for most of my work. My interests in design, printing, books, and the web have been enhanced by using Macs to create in those fields.

Your success is my success...

Beginning with System 7 in 1994, I have been working with and using Macs in many creative areas. Because Macs are computers (and contrary to what some may say about their problem free abilties) I have had to develop a wide array of skills to keep them running. I am familiar with all operating systems from System 7 up to and including all OS X OSs. Any help you may need integrating OSX with Windows is also possible.


Because I love books and magazines the first areas I explored were in print and I began using QuarkXPress to create catalogs, ads, and other print media. I was never comfortable working in PageMaker and found that just as there is a split in thinking between many Mac and PC people, that same split seemed to occur with page layout programs. I can use InDesign, but still prefer Quark. To complete work with the page layout software I have also used PhotoShop, Illustrator, Free Hand, and many other smaller less well known software.

My first website was created in 2000 using Freeway Pro, a design program from England that is based on the same approach to design as is QuarkXPress. It is still my favorite web design software, but I have used others, including Dreamweaver, Coda, and Flux.


Keeping a design enterprise working demanded I learn and work with the "guts," both physical and mental (the code), of Macs. I can help you with all types of repairs and support work including software installation, upgrades, backups, training, and hardware repairs. Database creation and maintenance with Filemaker Pro and Server as well as various backup approaches ranging from Retrospect to the latest possibilities made available by OS X. AppleScripting to provide automation or scripted tasks is possible.

Transferring information from one computer to another opened the door to the networking parts of computing. Any help you may need with ethernet hard wired support or wireless networks I am ready for.

Several clients have requested forensic services that have included discovering hidden or erased information. Data recovery is something I am very interested in and have had great success with.

I maintain a "stable" of older Macs and peripherals to allow data stored on older media such as Zip disks, Bernoulli disks, etc., to be migrated and rescued for continued use.

Give me a call at 207-578-0226 about what you would like help with.